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Organic Practices


Our commitment to organic viticulture and wine production begins with our responsibility to the environment and extends to producing a completely natural product for our customers. We use only organically approved and naturally occurring substances for all vineyard applications ~ this means no chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Like farmers for centuries before us, we rely on our experience and the advantageous use of our location, climate, volcanic soil, and organic techniques.

For insect control we use predatory insects (that eat the bad bugs) and apply natural soap compounds and other all natural materials. We use an in-row cultivator (hoe plowing) to control weeds in the grape rows and to mow the grass in the center. All grape skins and seeds are composted, and cover crops of vetch and rye are grown between the vine rows for nitrogen and humus. Our vines are trellised, using the Scott-Henry System; this improves sun penetration and air movement which develops character and balance in the grapes. We also utilize crop and shoot thinning to control vigor and limit yields, which increases flavors and aromas in the finished wines.

On the winery side, there is no co-mingling of organic and conventional ingredients and no exposure to federally prohibited materials during handling and production. Both the vineyard and the winery are inspected annually by an independent certification agency to ensure we are meeting all state and federal organic guidelines.

At Badger Mountain we balance tradition and technology to produce high quality organic fruit to craft fresh and compelling organic wines.